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Automaton CyberTech, the leading . Net development company offers full cycle and reliable .Net development services by leveraging its expertise in the building of high-performance software and applications for the cloud, mobile, and web. As one the best .Net development company we excel in delivering the best-suited solution as per the custom needs, be it small start-ups or big businesses.

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Why should you opt for .NET Development company services and solutions by Automaton?

  • One of the main reasons why you should consider choosing the services of our company is the fact that our.Net development services provide both solid technical support and dependable customer help.
  • We have the ability to create a wide range of applications which are within the users’ reach and with a much lower initial investment.
  • Our services also maintain our clients’ confidentialit.
  • Another benefit of our .Net Development services for enterprises is the potential for growth as our services offer the means to create new apps that will further benefit the customers.
  • At ACT, the best .Net development company, we provide services at competitive prices.

Our .NET Development companies experts work on the various latest frameworks

ASP.NET core

ASP.NET Core is the latest open-source and cross platform framework that helps developers build web apps, IoT apps, or mobile backend for any application connected to the internet.


With .NET MVC, you can make your website more responsive to users as it has a lightweight framework and high testable presentation model. Plus we know how to integrate with ASP.NET for the best results!


ASP .NET is a tool for web page development which combines coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting with ASP.NET to create appealing websites that are user-friendly and interactive.

Visual studio

Visual studio is a suite of tools for software developers that has been designed to let them code, design the interface, manage servers, debug and performance test. This makes it highly favored by .Net developers.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a great language for building Windows applications, which can be used to build ActiveX controls or DLL files. Our .NET Development company commonly uses it because of its powerful features and ease-of-use when developing desktop applications.

SQL Server

SQL Server is a database server from the house of Microsoft that can be used for development. Our .NET Development company uses this particular programming language to handle databases and other management systems.

We Offer Holistic .NET Development company services

  • Custom Plugin Development

    Custom Plugin Development service provides tools to create, develop, test and deploy Eclipse plug-ins. You can also use the Custom Plugin development platform for debugging purposes with the help of powerful features like Logging Facilities and Error Reporting facilities which will provide you a detailed analysis of your code errors from various perspectives including source view as well as assembly level debug information.

  • IIS7 Installation and Configuration

    Our application development team works on all sorts of IIS7 installations. They work with the configuration and set-up of any Microsoft web server, including those made for use alongside Windows NT family systems. If you have any questions or doubts at all about your system's setup, be sure to talk to our experts!

  • API Integration/Web Services

    We know that the value of API integrations and web services for our customers is paramount, which is why we offer a variety. We can even customize various APIs to match your project requirements!

  • Migration Service

    Migrating your server can be a real problem. But with our talented developers, you will never have to worry about it again! We are skilled at handling servers and migrations as well as data recovery or discarding any lost data during such an operation.

  • Payment gatway Integration

    The way people pay for things has changed in recent years. Online modes of payment have become important, and we at ACTmake sure that our customers can find the one they like best while checking out.

  • Site development

    Your website is the front line of your business, and it's important to make sure that customers can find you on search engines. Our high quality .NET Development company services for our global clients across the globe. We help them build websites with fast load times, secure transactions, and user-friendly interfaces so they get a huge boost in their online sales!