Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing can be a daunting task, but with ACT’s expertise and experience in the field you’ll never have to worry again. We provide top quality functional services so your business organisation will meet all its required needs.

  • We build a strong functional environment to ensure your project starts off on the right foot. We work directly with clients so they can convey any issues as soon as possible and we’ll deliver without delay!
  • Here at ACT we understand that it is important to ensure a hassle-free workflow for our customers. We take every precaution necessary in order to avoid any negative affects on key functions of your application.
  • Our uniqueness not only makes us stand apart when it comes to functional testing, but also in our approach to services. We make sure that every project is unique and tailored specifically for the company we are working with while still maintaining a high level of quality control.
  • TWith the help of our automated system, we always make sure that there are no defects in the software.
  • At ACT, we run some important tests to find the main causes of software and hardware bug functionality. We dig deep to uncover what bugs are affecting your system and how severe it is.

Functional testing includes

Smoke Tests

To ensure that no unforeseen bugs can crash the program, we do Smoke Testing after it's been built.

Integration Tests

Our team of experts offers one-of-a-kind integration testing services for clients from all over the world.

Acceptance Tests

Our acceptance testing is done for acceptability. We evaluate the system's compliance with business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable to be delivered.

Regression Tests

Our Regression testing service works to ensure that new program or code changes don't adversely affect existing features.

Manual Testing

You can rely on the Manual testing process, where skilled testers manually test your software for defects. They play the role of an end user and use most features to ensure correct behaviour. This is important at a time when you need to remove bugs from your application in its final phase.

Automation Testing

The Automated testing process helps to make the software guaranteed flawless by running special software tools that control test execution and compare actual results with predictions. This is accomplished using advanced open-source frameworks like Selenium for conducting tests on a variety of popular browsers.


Selenium is an open-source automation framework which can be used to automate different types of tests. Gone are the days when you had to wait for manual testing and input from developers before a change could happen on your website, with Selenium there's less need for this as test scripts can be executed anytime or anywhere by remote control!


Selenium automates browsers and is a helpful tool to use for web applications. It can run in various operating systems, including many popular browser types, so you don't have any limitations when using it! Selenium runs scripts across multiple environments that makes the software more robust with consistency which will also make your testing process scalable as well.