Java Developer

Java Development

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At ACT we have expert Java developers who integrate Java Programming Language into the development of Computer Applications, Web Development and other sorts of requirements needed at both Client and Server end.


The Spring Framework is a major open source application development framework that makes Java development easier. At ACT we show you what Spring can do while effectively using its features for web applications to complex enterprise applications.

spring mvc

A Spring MVC is a Java framework which is used to build web applications. ACT’s Spring MVC is one of the most frequently used industry-standard web development frameworks to create scalable and extensible projects.

Spring Boot

Our Spring Boot framework is an opinionated, easy to get-started addition to the Spring platform – highly useful for creating stand-alone, production-grade applications with minimum effort.

Spring Social

ACT’s Spring Social drastically simplifies the process of creating and managing third party provider connections. It enables applications to invoke APIs on behalf of users.

Spring Security

Spring Security is a framework which provides various security features like: authentication, authorization to create secure Java Enterprise Applications. At ACT we use it to overcome all the problems that come during creating non spring security applications.


JWT is a compact URL-safe means of representing claims to be transferred between two parties. It is more secure, easier to process and user-friendly.

Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud is a framework that provides facilities to use cloud services in applications. At ACT we use Spring Cloud to create a developer-friendly environment for developing and deploying microservices.

Spring Batch

At ACT we use Spring Batch to provide reusable functions that are essential in processing large volumes of records, including logging/tracing, transaction management, job processing statistics, job restart, skip, and resource management.


Struts is an open-source, MVC framework. ACT uses it for creating elegant, modern Java web applications.


JBoss application is an open-source platform used for implementing Java applications and a wide variety of other software applications. ACT uses JBoss to build and deploy Java services to be scaled to fit the size of your business.


Hibernate is a Java framework that simplifies the development of Java applications to interact with the database. The Hibernate framework at ACT is an open source, lightweight tool used to implement Java Persistence API.


The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a Java specification for accessing, persisting, and managing data between Java objects.At ACT, that provides certain functionality and standard to ORM tools.


Java Server Pages (JSP) is a technology that is used to develop web pages by inserting Java code into the HTML pages. At ACT, we use it to create dynamic web content.


A servlet is a Java program used to receive and respond to requests from web clients. ACT uses a servlet for generating dynamic content on the web and has native support for HTTP.


ACT’s MySQL is a fully-managed database service that lets developers quickly develop and deploy secure, cloud-native applications, and other purposes of data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications.


Oracle is a database management software product used by ACT for storing and effectively manage it. It comes with high performance, authorized access, and failure recovery features.

Mongo DB

MongoDB is a database used for high-volume data storage. At ACT, Java Developers use MongoDB to build data easily, adapt quickly, and scale reliably.


The AWS for Java is a collection of tools for developers creating Java-based Web apps to run on Amazon cloud components. At ACT, the AWS software provides the flexibility to launch your application affordably.

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We Are A Globally Acclaimed Digital Solutions Provider

  • Java Web Development services

    ACT is a globally acclaimed digital solutions provider providing end-to-end Java development services that include web, mobile, and desktop software solutions. Our Java developers are highly proficient in developing solutions that are result-oriented, feature-rich, high-performance, and reliable with a blend of innovation and design thinking

  • Custom Java Development

    Our team of Java specialists will create an exceptional Java application as per your requirements. They can create complex banking systems, ERPs, large-scale enterprise applications, and other software solutions that require high-end security. We create customizable applications that are the best fit your business needs.

  • Java Mobile Development

    We have a professional team of expert developers creating lightweight, fast, and feature-packed mobile applications using Java programming language for your business. Tailored to your business needs, we develop multi-tiered enterprise applications, cross-platform apps, and provide app integration.

  • JAVA CMS Service

    ACT is one of the top open-source content management systems(CMS) of Java. It comes with enterprise repository document management, collaboration, records management, knowledge management, web content management, imaging, and a lot more.

  • API Integration

    Connecting to an external service through an API is often the best and fastest solution to provide key functionality in an application. That is why proper implementation of API is so important. We integrate systems but also create dedicated APIs for web applications.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    ACT offers personalized solutions to clients and high-quality payment integration services. Our certified developers are experienced in various payment gateways to accept all major credit and debit cards across the world.

  • Java Application & Maintenance Support

    At ACT, we offer reliable Java application maintenance and support services for applications to improve their performance and flexibility. Our expert developer team takes utmost care in modifying the software product post-delivery to remove shortcomings, enhance performance and other attributes.