PhP Framework Developer

PhP Frameworks

Tired of starting from scratch with your PHP application development? Get a PHP framework developer to help streamline your development process with the availability of shortcuts and pre-built structures.

Laravel Development

Laravel is a powerful framework that allows for the rapid development of web applications. We use Laravel to create authentication, routing, sessions, and caching modules - all while using custom coding when necessary!

CorePHP Development

Core PHP is a simple, bare-bones PHP programming language. It can be used to create web applications, and the beauty of it is that it is easy to set up and get running.

PHP-MVC Development

PHP MVC is an application design pattern that separates the applications data and business logic from its presentation. The controller mediates between models, views, and controllers to create a more flexible framework for building websites or web apps.

Cakephp Development

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework used to quickly and easily develop web apps. CakePHP loosely follows the MVC model, which allows for some amazing functionality not found in other frameworks.


CodeIgniter is a simple and lightweight PHP framework for developing dynamic web applications. This technology provides out of the box libraries to connect your database, send emails, upload files, manage sessions-all without requiring much code from developers.

YII Development

YII is a powerful PHP framework that provides the base for ACT's web development. This versatile, reliable tool allows developers to create large-scale projects seamlessly and with little code by taking advantage of YII modules.

We Offer Holistic PhP Development Services

Web applications

We at ACTmake sure your business scales in your online venture. Our custom web applications can be tailored to within any budget and will help you reap the full benefits of leveraging technology for growth.

Backend of mobile applications

Sometimes, the backend of a mobile application can be really complex. This is why we at ACTalways offer highly skilled backend developers for your projects- they will know it from ground level.

API Integration

It is important to integrate your API properly if you want a website that never breaks. We at ACToffer expert integration service, which will make sure this doesn't happen and we even have affordable options for SMBs too.

AI applications

We have a team of experts who will help you take your business to new heights with our AI apps. We offer great customer service and technical support for all things related to artificial intelligence so that no matter what type of issues may arise, we can get it fixed.

Payment gateway Integration

To accept digital payments from around the world, contact our team of PHP developers. We'll help you set up a payment gateway for your business site that supports net banking, wallet payments and credit card transactions so you can offer an international customer experience right now.